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LLumar® SelectPro™ dealers are recognized for consistent delivery of professional service, precision installation and spectacular results. This is an elite group given exclusive permission to sell LLumar’s most premium product lines: FormulaOne™ automotive tint.

As a LLumar SelectPro dealer we also offer full selection of LLumar window film.

FormulaOne™ High Performance Auto Tint

- Offered Only by SelectPro™ dealers

Engineered and manufactured with the utmost precision to deliver sleek style and reliable comfort, for a driving experience like no other. 

  • Our best heat rejection for dyed, metallized and ceramic 
  • Blocks 99% of UV rays that can damage interiors 
  • Rich charcoal shades ranging from light to dark  
  • Lifetime limited warranty that transfers with your title*  


*Some restrictions apply; see dealer for details. 

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FormulaOne Pinnacle Ceramic Tint

Formula One® Pinnacle® automotive tint is one of our most popular products. It increases your cool factor in multiple ways, with excellent heat rejection and a broad range of charcoal shades. Whether you choose a look that’s light or dark, Pinnacle’s powerful nano-ceramic composition will help give your AC a break on searing hot days, help protect you and your interior from damaging UV rays, and help cut irritating glare.

Nonmetal for Optimal Connectivity

Because Pinnacle is 100% metal-free, it has no mirror-like appearance. It also won’t interfere with signals from your phone, GPS, keyless entry, or any of the other devices that keep you connected.

Warranty-Backed Durability

You’ll appreciate the impressive durability of Pinnacle ceramic window tint. It’s constructed from premium components such as color-stable dyes and a tough layer of scratch protection. Like all FormulaOne tint, Pinnacle comes with a transferable lifetime limited warranty* that covers your investment in auto tint. This warranty covers the tint even if your vehicle changes ownership.

LLumar SelectPro Dealer Exclusive

FormulaOne Pinnacle automotive window tint is available only from LLumar SelectPro dealers, recognized for their professional service, expert installation, and spectacular results.

*Certain restrictions apply; see dealer for warranty details.

CTX Ceramic Tint

Restyle your vehicle and make it more comfortable with LLumar® CTX® ceramic window tint. This durable window tint comes in multiple color-stable charcoal shades that range from limo-dark to a subtle gray hint. Because it’s metal-free, there’s no mirror-like, reflective look with CTX.

CTX ceramic tint is an excellent performer when it comes to rejecting heat and is loaded with other benefits too. It shields you from 99% of harmful UV rays, cuts irritating glare, and helps protect against injuries from shattered glass – all while helping you feel cooler. This makes LLumar CTX a smart choice when you want top quality window tint but not the top-of-the-line price.    

You’ll feel the difference when you choose CTX or any of our other ceramic tint products. They’re all made with powerful, road-tested nano-ceramic technology that’s able to help block heat even in the lightest shades. Our infrared-rejecting IRX tint and clear AIR film are also excellent choices when it comes to harnessing the power of nano-ceramic technology.

ATR Window Tint

Our color-stable ATR window tint comes in a broad range of shades. Limo-dark charcoal tint is an ATR stand-out, but windows tinted with lighter shades that allow more light through are the most common. For ultimate tint satisfaction, consider desired look, driving habits, and state regulations when choosing your shade.

LLumar® ATR is a combination of metallized and dyed tint technology, which means the tint has a metallic layer with coating that helps reflect away the sun’s heat and glare. This metal layer helps give your AC a break. ATR has a slightly reflective look that’s different from the finish you’ll see with most other tint.

You can count on ATR for a style transformation that complements your vehicle and your personal look. It blocks more than 99% of UV rays, helping to keep your vehicle’s interior finishes looking like new for a long time, so they’re a match for the custom look of your exterior.

LLumar Automotive Tint Benefits

Engineered to deliver a higher standard of performance, LLumar® automotive window tint is known for its outstanding quality, color stability and durable scratch-resistant coating. We ensure these products meet high performance standards, and back them with a lifetime limited warranty* to give you confidence when choosing LLumar.

UV Protection

The factory glass in most vehicles won’t fully block the sun’s UV rays. Prolonged exposure results in damage to skin and contributes to fading of upholstery and warping or cracking of other interior finishes.

LLumar window tint blocks up to 99% of harmful UV rays, helping to keep you, your passengers and your interior protected from sun damage. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends LLumar window tint as part of a comprehensive sun protection program.

Cooling Power

When your vehicle sits in a parking lot, baking in the summer sun, it can get uncomfortably hot. The sun’s heat can also make an impact when you spend a good amount of time on the road. Air conditioning helps but using it too much can affect the performance of your car and increase fuel use.

Window tint provides varying degrees of relief. A ceramic tint will help you feel the coolest and can even help with surfaces that are normally too hot to touch. Metallized tint is also effective at giving you a cooler interior. Dyed tint provides heat relief as well, but doesn’t have the added technology that’s found in ceramic or metallized products. Instead, dyed tint helps by providing shade. Keep in mind that with dyed tint, the darker you go, the more cooling power you’ll get.

Less Glare

Glare from the sun is annoying whether you’re driving or riding in a car as a passenger. It can be dangerous too if it interferes with your view of the road.

Tint helps protect your eyes from glare and prevents fatigue, tempering the sun like a pair of top-quality sunglasses. The relief you get helps keep you safer and can make every minute you spend behind the wheel more comfortable too – even if it’s a cloudless day with blazing hot sun.

Added Privacy

There are a lot of reasons it’s good to have the interior of your vehicle more protected from prying eyes: an expensive sound system, a habit of leaving items in the car overnight, or when you’re parking in an area that’s not lit well.

Tint makes it more difficult to see inside your vehicle, helping to disguise potential valuables. LLumar tint comes in a generous range of charcoal shades to provide varying levels of privacy, from limo-dark to a subtle hint of gray to clear. When you choose your shade, remember to consider privacy level as well as the look. Please also be aware that many states put legal limits on the darkness of automotive tint. Check the regulations in your area before making a final decision about what shade to have installed.

Peace of Mind

As much as we hope to avoid them, accidents sometimes happen. It helps to know, every day you’re on the road, that you and your passengers are safer if your auto glass gets broken.

Auto tint adds an extra layer to glass that helps hold it together in the event of an accident. This might not be the only reason you invest in professional auto tint installation, but it still adds to peace of mind, especially if you transport loved ones on a regular basis or are on the road for many hours a day on your own.


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